According to WISN12 a very alert Domino's Pizza delivery driver most likely saved a woman's life last Thursday as he made a delivery to her home. The driver noticed the woman standing behind an elderly gentleman at the door when she pointed to her black eye and mouthed the words "Help Me"  to the driver. When he looked at her again she mouthed "Call the police."

The incident happened in Waldo Wisconsin 45 miles North of Milwaukee. Apparently the suspect entered the woman's home earlier in the day without knocking and they got into a verbal altercation. The man then punched his ex girlfriend in the face and forced her into an upstairs bedroom where he hog tied her with a cord from her vacuum cleaner.

The delivery driver immediately called 911 after he left the residence and police arrived arresting 55 year old Dean Henry Hoffman who admitted to police that he had a shotgun in the trunk of his car. Hoffman faces charges of suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim and burglary. However this delivery driver ended up at their house, thankfully he paid attention to the woman who so desperately needed someones help.


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