The 2023 Duluth Polar Plunge on Saturday, February 18 saw over 600 brave people take an icy dip into the Duluth Harbor on Park Point. While the weather was sunny and "warm" for wintertime (around 35 degrees), the frigid water left most plungers with an initial look of shock followed by a sense of accomplishment and thrill after completing the plunge.

The group of over 600 people from around the state that convened on Park Point to participate in the 2023 event was able to raise over $165,000 for the event's cause - Special Olympics of Minnesota.

As is tradition, this year's event opened with a brief ceremony involving some Special Olympics athletes. From there, the festivities got underway. You can watch the recording of our live video stream at the top of the page.

We also captured a series of photos from the plunge site. Here are some of the highlights. Just tap on any photo to make it full-size! 

Duluth Polar Plunge 2023

Highlights from the 2023 Duluth Polar Plunge, as about 600 people took an icy dip into the Duluth Harbor on Park Point to raise money for Special Olympics of Minnesota.

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