The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department announced that portions of the Lester River Trail, which is a part of the Duluth Traverse multi-use hiking and mountain biking trail which parallels the Lester River, will be closed for maintenance until June 1st. The closure began on Tuesday, May 4.

The City adds that Amity East and Amity West multi-use trails will not be affected by this closure. Also, trailhead parking remains open and signage for this closure will be posted at affected trails.

You can click here to access a map that not only provides information on Lester Park trails, but it provided updated information on all Duluth trails, trailheads and dog parks.

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Whenever you're planning to enjoy Duluth trials, it's a great idea to first visit the Parks and Recreation Natural Surface Trails page, which provides open/closed status of all the trails in the city. You can click on the button below to access that page now.

Also on that page is a full list of etiquette suggestions for those using the trails. Some important suggestions include:

  • Stay off wet and muddy trails. Do not leave footprints or tire ruts.
  • Show courtesy to other trail users. A smile, a nod and a “hello” goes a long way.
  • Don’t block the trail. Move to the side of the trail when taking a break.
  • Use the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated. Pass carefully on the left, and give an audible warning when you’re about to pass.
  • Always use safe speeds.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Have fun and share the trail!

It should also go without saying that if you're visiting a dog park, make sure to clean up after your four-legged friends.

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