According to WDIO Proctor High School Principal Tim Rohweder said that online curriculum is a big part of what they do at the school and part of that is breaking down the four walls of the classroom and let learning happen outside of school.

For many students a long bus ride to and from school or to athletic events would eat up a lot of time and so for some students they appreciate having the WiFi to work on homework and school projects. Each student in grades 6-12 get their own Chromebook and it requires WiFi to work, so now they can use them on the bus too.

Superintendent John Engelking said they did do some shopping around to get the best price for the monthly WiFi fee and the modems they have to purchase for each bus they have a grant they received that pays for half of each of them. So far 4 buses are testing it out on trip and long-route buses, and Engelking said they hope to have 15 buses outfitted by fall.

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