Every year we hear of so many tragic accidents involving school buses, but this past week alone their have been six accidents with children killed or seriously injured. Any one of us that took a school bus as a kid, knows how quickly some kids run on and off the bus, or look straight ahead to board the bus, it is a dangerous situation.

KARE11's Alecia Lewis explains the rules of the road in Minnesota to help keep our kids stay safe at the bus stop.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety School buses in MInnesota make around 10,000 stops daily. More children are killed outside of the school bus in what is knows as the "danger zone" then children inside of the bus. We all need to do our part to watch out for children and take our time when driving near schools and  buses. Also, many cities and towns including Duluth issue heavy fines against a motorist who does not obey traffic rules and drives around a bus that is stopped with lights flashing.


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