A celebrity psychic is making a BIG claim about one of music's biggest stars. Psychic Nikki says Taylor Swift will be ditching pop music for the country genre once again.

First, let me give you some background. Psychic Nikki is a self-professed "psychic to the stars" and is often quoted in tabloids. She can also be found on radio shows, websites and news outlets. She makes predictions for celebrities, athletes, the Royals, politicians and other influential people in the world. She also touches on major global events.

Nikki always makes predictions before a new year and this year was no different - she released hundreds of predictions for 2020. So what exactly did she say about Taylor Swift and her possible genre-hop? According to her website, the star will "go back to her roots and make a country album."

She didn't go into too much more detail. We don't know when this supposed album will drop or if it means she's ditching pop entirely or simply releasing a country album as a one-off thing. Only time will tell but as long as we have some music from Taylor Swift, I don't mind what genre it is.

Psychic Nikki made a lot of other wild predictions for the year ahead. You can read all about them here.

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