Several public parking lots and ramps are available in the vicinity of Downtown Duluth and in limited places along the earlier parts of the course for spectators to use as a part of Grandma's Marathon. The most convenient options available for spectator parking in Downtown Duluth, and are listed below. Other limited locations further up the course are also available. Cost for using lots will vary from lot to lot, and prices may vary from regular rates. In the case of any of the locations listed below, it is recommended you arrive early, as there will be plenty of traffic to all of these spots.

Parking Outside of Downtown Duluth

**NOTE: Parking is not allowed at the start of the race course, along the course route, or along the adjacent Highway 61 Expressway. Limited parking is available along connecting roads between the expressway and Scenic 61 (the course). Among these, some of the common spots are listed below.

  • Knife River: Located near the 5-mile mark
  • Homestead Road: Located near the 9-mile mark
  • Ryan Road: Located at the 12-mile mark
  • McQuade Road: Located near the 13.4 mile mark
  • Lakewalk Road: Located at the 16-mile mark

Duluth Parking Locations

  • First Street and Lake Avenue: Parking ramp located at the Technology Center.
  • First Street and First Avenue West: Public parking lot located next to Coney Island Deluxe
  • First Street: Parking ramp at the Holiday Center located between Second Avenue West and Third Avenue West
  • Second Street and Third Avenue West: Parking ramp located at the Government Service Center
  • Michigan Street and Sixth Avenue West: Public parking lot located next to The Depot

Below is a map from, detailing parking options they offer. Due to the race course and location of the finish line in Canal Park, some lots (especially those in Canal Park) will not be available for use during Grandma's Marathon. For further details on payment options and availability are available here.

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