A guy in New York was just trying to have a little fun on the streets of the Big Apple, but some were not to amused.

My motto is: life is to short to be serious all the time, and If you are having a little fun and not hurting anybody, what's the problem? But, some New York City commuters were caught off guard, as this bearded stranger randomly high fives their outstretched arms as they were trying to catch a cab.

I think it is hilarious how guarded some of these people look. I have been to New York a handful of times and it is a very busy place with tons of people. At times just walking down the street is like being a human bumper car, so in a way I can understand not wanting to be surprised. But the best is the occasional smile on someones face when they realize it is just a funny gesture.

By the way every time I have been to New York or Chicago my friends always let me hail the cab, I think it's fun for some odd reason, and you sure can't do that here or even in Minneapolis.

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