A rare original painting by Minnesota native Bob Dylan is up for auction and it is expected to fetch a pretty penny.

RR Auction, a renowned auction house specializing in celebrity memorabilia, recently conducted an auction featuring Prince's fashion artifacts. The top 10 items from this event garnered an impressive total of over $275,000 in bids. Leading the pack was a guitar once strummed by Prince, which fetched a substantial $64,423. Now, a painting by another iconic Minnesota music figure is poised to potentially achieve a similar or even higher valuation.

The Dylan painting is called 'View from Two Windows' and it was painted in 2007 as part of his ‘Drawn Blank Series’, this is a collection of sketches and paintings that Dylan made while on tour between 1989 and 1992. In total Dylan created a total of 320 paintings.

RR Auction
RR Auction

According to the auction listing, the 24-inch x 30.5-inch painting "depicts the inside of an upper-story room viewed from the perspective of a standing observer, with the foreground composed of a table, chair, and a television set, and the background featuring a large beige curtain and a pair of multi-paned windows that look down upon a house, greenery, and what appears to be a body of water." Could that body of water be Lake Superior?

In 2022, a Dylan painting called "Abstract Nude" sold for $100,000!

RR Auction estimates that this painting could sell for $60,000+, the current bid is at $11,000 and the auction is set to end on December 14th. In 2022, a Dylan painting called "Abstract Nude" sold for $100,000, earlier this year a painting by him called "18 May 1976, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" sold for just over $40,000.

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