Bob Dylan's autograph is rare in itself, but handwritten lyrics signed by Dylan are ultra-rare and can fetch large sums of money as shown by the ending price of this recent auction.

Iconic Auctions wrapped up their Amazing Music Auction on Saturday, May 15h which included items from The Beatles and Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, and Duluth's own Bob Dylan.

Up for auction was a sheet of handwritten lyrics in black ballpoint on Regis of New York letterhead to the 1963 song 'Blowin’ in the Wind'. The manuscript was written by request by Dylan's longtime manager Jeff Rosen and is signed by Dylan and dated 2011, the letter from Rosen that comes with the lyrics says that he is only aware of five other such specimens.

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The song is considered a classic and was ranked #14 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the '500 Greatest Songs'. According to Iconic Auctions, similar handwritten lyrics by Dylan have gone as high as $100,000, so someone may have gotten a deal with this auction that ended at a price of $57,913.32.

Bidding started at $15,000 for the manuscript and after 10 bids, the handwritten lyrics from the Nobel Prize winner will now go to a new home for some collector to enjoy. Dylan, who turns 80 on May 24th, recently released a three album collection of previously unavailable studio performances which includes a May 1st, 1970 session featuring George Harrison.

Iconic Auctions
Iconic Auctions

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