If you are looking to own a piece of Bob Dylan memorabilia look no further than his childhood sink...yes, the porcelain sink from his childhood home is up for auction.

The old sink is up on eBay with several other Dylan related items that were displayed at Zimmy’s Restaurant in Hibbing, they closed in 2014.

the item currently has 1 bid at a price of $4,000. Wowzers! In the auction description, the sellers say, "We found this sink with its original faucet handles still intact and with the marks where a water glass was placed, time and time again. It is all original, except, for a small front portion of the sink that has been professionally restored. The sink was used by Bobby and David Zimmerman in their upstairs bathroom quite frequently."

Bidding ends February 27th at 10:44 AM. At 10:45 AM someone in the world can claim that they own the sink that a young Bob Dylan washed his face and hands, hey, to each their own.

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