David Portnoy and the Barstool Fund is helping out businesses all over the country, and now it's giving support to an iconic Minnesota nightclub.

The Red Carpet Nightclub in St. Cloud has been a hot party spot for over 40 years and is being hit hard by the pandemic, being a nightclub with no food service and having to close by 10 PM is not something that can be sustained forever.

In a FaceTime call that was shared on the Barstool Sports page Portnoy calls Rose Gaetz, the owner of the Red Carpet, to tell her that the Barstool Fund will be helping the business out with much-needed money so that the Red Carpet will be around for years after this pandemic passes.

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In the video Gaetz says, "That is just awesome. I feel like I won the lottery," after El Presidente, Portnoy's nickname, gave her the news that the fund was helping them out. Portnoy said that the Red Carpet would see money within 72 hours of the chat, the speed at which they are able to help these businesses is amazing.

As of publishing this, the Barstool Fund has raised $34,292,405 from 213,461 contributors and have helped 227 businesses across the country. If you want to donate to the fund or read some stories from struggling small businesses visit the Barstool Fund here.

One of the craziest nights I've ever had in my life was a Halloween years ago at the Red Carpet, myself and my buddy Brian dressed up as Secret Service agents and there just so happen to be several other people dressed the current president (Clinton I think) or ex-presidents, and of course they needed protection. So we played the role and got free drinks from the President's we provide "protection" to, and it was a blast. I remember several of the President's having a dance battle with us backing the crowd up to give them room, even the bouncers were obeying us, amazing!

I want my kids to have a great time there someday, so that's why this is so great that something like the Barstool Fund is doing what the government can't seem to figure out. Cheers to El Presidente and good luck to Rose and the crew at the Red Carpet.

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