Red Mug Coffeehouse has been closed since March 18th and on July 4th they announced that they would not be reopening at their previous location located at 916 Hammond Ave., they said at that time that they have "intention to reopen in one form or another shortly and continue to search for a new permanent location."

Well, it looks like they found that new permanent location at The Historic Carnegie Library just up the road from their old location on Hammond. While no open date was given, but they said, "While we patiently wait for the building to be completed, we will be operating out of the sweetest shiny little trailer out front.'

The Historic Carnegie Library is being transformed into a co-working hub called The Library, according to their Facebook page, "The Library is a coworking and business incubator made to give small businesses and individuals a space, a community, and the resources to succeed."

The Historic Carnegie Library on Hammond is one of about 60 such Carnegie libraries in the state, and the state's oldest being build in 1901. The building housed the main library until 1991 when the new location on Tower Ave. was open.