It's called The 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues where writers and actors work together to write, rehearse and record their projects in just 24 hours. With the COVID-19 Pandemic shutting down theaters across the country many of these writers and performers were wanting to try and figure out a way to still reach their audience with out physically having people present in the theater. Hence, The 24 hour plays!

Renegade Theater Company jumped on board with this concept for the kick off to their 2021 season using a host of their talented writers and actors. Beginning Monday January 11 at 6pm the actors shared a brief video with the writers to let them get to know them a little better. By 7pm the actors and writers meet and by 10 am the following day the actors will receive their monologue and must complete filming by Tuesday January 12 at 6pm. The finished monologues were then published every 15 minutes on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

I am in absolute awe at the lightening speed at which all this is done from the writers composing the monologues in such a short amount of time to the actors who have to memorize and process how they are going to perform the piece. In my very limited amount of acting I have done in my life, both projects were with the amazing people of Renegade Theater who gave me the encouragement and push to do it and I must say I had the time of my life. Not that I am itching to do it again I was terrified the whole time so I will leave it to the experts from now on.

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Below is one of many of the monologues that was done, and this particular piece was written by former Mayor Don Ness. To see all the performances you can check them out on YouTube. During normal seasons, Renegade features a full season of groundbreaking musicals and plays, plus late-night improv comedy.

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