Word from social media in Esko, MN is that there is an active bomb threat at the school.According to Esko Pride, students have reportedly been evacuated to a nearby church until the school has been deemed safe for students to return. We will continue to monitor this situation - check back for more.

1:10 PM - A message has been disseminated from school officials letting parents know children are safe. They have been evacuated to nearby St. Matthews church.

1:18 PM - Investigation underway into threat.

1:25 PM - Parents are being asked NOT to attempt to pick up their children until further notice.

2:07 PM - All Esko after school activities, including "Cool Kids" have been cancelled today.

2:14 PM - All students remain at St. Matthews church at this time. Families are still being told to wait to pick up their children until further notice.

2:20 PM - Message from Esko Schools Facebook page:

A message from Esko Public Schools:

Students will be dismissed from St. Matthews Church at 3:14 p.m. Students may take the bus or be picked up by a parent or registered emergency contact from St Matthew's Church. All persons picking up a student must show proper ID. No one will be allowed back inside the school or on the school grounds including the parking lot today. No students will be allowed to walk home from St. Matthew's Church.

2:27 PM - Authorities are still searching the school.

2:35 PM - Concerned family members are raising a good point on social media - it may be a good idea to bring an extra coat for your child when you pick them up, as they may not have been able to get their own during the evacuation. We have no confirmation as to whether or not children were able to gather their coats before leaving the building, but it may not hurt to bring an extra one with just in case.