A few weeks ago we told you about these new Lay's chocolate covered potato chips that were coming exclusively to Target stores, well that time has come, so how are these mass produced chocolate covered snacks?

While I was walking through Target in Superior over the weekend, something caught my eye, there they were, the new Lay's chocolate covered potato chips!

My first impression was that they were heavy for a small bag of chips, as far as I can tell these are only available in the smaller bag size, and probably for good reason, as a full bag would weigh more than a small toddler!

After opening the bag and munching on a few chips I found myself unimpressed as they are basically big hunks of chocolate with a small chip buried deep inside.

On the front of the bag Lay's calls these a "sweet and salty" treat, the problems is, I didn't taste the salty, just the sweet. I can barely even taste the potato chip there is so much chocolate.

After bringing these around the office and having others try these new treats, everyone had the same opinion, too much chocolate!

One coworker brought up a good point about how the chip needs to be crunchy like a chocolate covered pretzel, these chips aren't crunchy at all, I think the snack would be better if the chips were thicker and had more crunch.

I would not buy these again, but I wouldn't say don't buy them. If you like chocolate and potato chips, especially chocolate, than give them a shot, you may have a different opinion, if you do, please share in the comments below.

TSM - Tony Hart
TSM - Tony Hart

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