This is the kind of innovation you didn't know you needed until you saw it.

Prepare to have your inner Hershey bar blown to pieces: the Japanese company Bourbon is now selling sliced chocolate. Yes, you can buy sliced chocolate. Yes, it's chocolate in a shape you only thought existed in cheese. Yes, those are tears rolling down our cheeks -- Three Muske-tears (okay, that's a bad joke. Sorry).

Commence watering mouth in 3, 2, 1...

And, lest you think you'll just devour this culinary treat of the gods like a fruit roll-up, Bourbon's website gives some handy recipes (although you'll need to brush up on your Japanese, first).

The chocolate is sold in packages of five slices apiece, which cost about $27 each. That may seem like a lot, but, remember: sliced chocolate!

If only someone else with some entrepreneurial spirit could follow suit. Sliced Merlot, sliced bratwurst, sliced sour cream and onion potato chips -- the possibilities are endless.

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