Rihanna sent her pal Adele a “Cake! Cake! Cake!” for her birthday, to borrow a lyric from RiRi’s famously remixed song ‘Birthday Cake.’ But it wasn’t just a plain ol’ slab of moist and delicious baked goodness slathered in sugary sweet icing! It was shaped like a pair of boobs. 

Adele celebrated her 24th birthday on May 5, ironically the same day as Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown, who turned 23. We wonder what shape of cake RiRi sent him, if any. Don’t even go there…

The Sun reports that the boob cake was iced in pink with two strategically placed gems covering the nipples. Rihanna allegedly had it sent to Adele’s North London home.

As if booby cake wasn’t enough, Rihanna also tweeted a message of love to Adele on her big day, posting the tweet below:

Additionally, Rihanna reportedly wrote: “To Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, the baddest b—- around. Have the best freaking Bday. Cake cake cake xxx.”

Rihanna also sent a “Happy Birthday” tweet to Breezy, but she didn’t call him her “lover.” She reserves such endearments only for the likes of Adele.

When’s the remix or collabo, ladies? We’d love to see Rihanna and Adele do it up on record.

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