Everyone jokes that construction in the Northland is really a whole season in itself. This may be true, but when you live somewhere with such harsh weather conditions, you have to hustle pretty fast to get projects done.

Thankfully the city of Duluth has a virtual map online that shows all current construction projects gong on with a ton of information including start and stop dates. One of the projects that I personally  was wondering about is the Lakewalk area in Lester Park. It has been torn up for a while and has now spread across the street. So now I have come to find out that this is because of a gas line that they are trying to replace.
The project began on May 5th and is expected to take a few weeks. They do have a detour sign asking people to go down to London road and use the sidewalk, so far I haven't seen any takers, they have gone across the other side of Superior street for those few blocks.

So whether the construction is right outside your house or you are looking for an easy detour, be patient, watch your speed through these areas and use this handy map.


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