Robyn has earned rave reviews and topped the European charts, but up until now, American chart success has largely eluded her – and all that could change following her upcoming stint as an opening act on Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour.

“I was excited that she asked me,” said the Swedish pop star during a recent interview. “It’s cool. She likes what I do and she’s a huge supporter of my music and I was just really happy and thankful that she thought of me cause I’ve never played for her audience.”

Though Robyn was admittedly not familiar with Perry’s work before being asked to join her tour, she’s since become a fan – and more importantly, she knew she could take the gig without compromise.

“For me, bigger’s not always better, I want to do things where I feel like my integrity of what I do onstage is not compromised, and I knew she was a fan and she wanted me to go on and just do my thing, and that’s why I did it,” says Robyn. “It was an easy decision. If I get to do my thing, there’s no place I won’t do it. It’s great to be on that stage and her audience is amazing.”

Watch Robyn Perform ‘Fembot’ on Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour

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