Congratulations goes out to 92 years young Harriette Thompson from California, who competed in her 17'th marathon this past weekend!


For those of you training for Grandmas Full and Half Marathon this story just may be the inspiration you need to push yourself through to train harder and longer. Harriette did not even start running marathons until she was well into her 70's, a Cancer survivor, she said that she was running this latest marathon in honor of her son who is currently battling Cancer as well.

For anyone who runs marathons each person has their own reason for pushing themselves to the limit, what an inspiration someone like Harriet is to everyone, truly showing the power of the human spirit. Even though I personally will not be running either the half or full Grandmas Marathon this year I will be on the course cheering you all on.

So, when you are approaching the dreaded lemon drop hill on London Road keep this picture of Harriet in your mind and I am sure she will guide you with that extra boost. Good luck to all the runners on June 20th for all your Grandmas Marathon Info. Click Here.

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