Poor Katy Perry! New reports say that her soon-to-be ex husband Russell Brand is already dating other women. To add insult to injury, Brand is also allegedly badmouthing the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer to anyone who will listen.Perry discovered Brand’s dalliances through her pals. That stings! “Katy discovered through her friends,” a source said. “One of the women told a friend of hers, and it got back to Katy.” From the sound of it, this means Brand is seeing more than one woman — which may have spawned some marriage troubles from the get-go. Early on, sources reported that Brand’s sex addiction was likely at least partially to blame for the marriage falling apart.

Not only is Brand seeing other women, he’s also trashing Perry to them. “He’s spoken terribly about Katy to them,” the source said. “Russell has been attacking Katy via emails and texts. It’s gotten ugly. Katy’s concerned about him leaking stories for financial gain.” To be fair to Brand, it doesn’t appear he’s leaked anything just yet — most reports on the split haven’t exactly painted him in the best light, so it’s unlikely that they came from his camp. (Granted, he may just be saving the material for his book.)

In addition to the mud slinging, Brand also is said to be moving a woman into his new bachelor pad. “Russell wants to explore a relationship,” the source said. “He told her he wanted her to move in with him after the divorce is final.” The ‘Arthur’ star moved out of the mansion he shared with Perry earlier this month.

For her part, Perry’s kept it quiet and classy following the split, but she has committed some pointed actions: unfollowing Brand on Twitter and removing their wedding footage from her live shows. She’s probably saving the dirt for her new songs!

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