This might just be the coolest news ever! It looks like a scary movie is going to be filming in the Northland in just a few months.

WDIO reported the news on Tuesday (March 9th), stating that a horror flick would be filming in the Duluth area. The film crew will be taking up residence in St. Louis County so they can take advantage of the rebate program.

According to WDIO, the money spent on putting on a production in the county is eligible for a twenty-five percent rebate, which is a huge incentive if you are making a movie on a budget. We are also able to provide a beautiful and unique backdrop in the Twin Ports so I am sure that helps. Ha!

The movie will begin filming on May 1st and will be wrapped up by the end of the month, with a release date pegged for October. WDIO says it will be filmed at the Caddy Shack in Lincoln Park.

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Even if you aren't a huge fan of scary movies, you should probably check this one out for the scenery alone! The film will be called The Hand That Feeds and will follow the plot of a man who inherits a curse and a bar, according to KBJR. I love it already!

One of the film's directors and producers is named Blair Smith. He has had his hand in a bunch of other movies like Perdition, What Happened To Maya Clark? and The Curse Of Raven Heights, among others. These films should tide you over until the movie drops later this year.

By the way, the movie will feature all locals so if you are interested in being part of the production as an extra or lead role, you can apply now on the production company's website. Roles up for grabs include that of a few male leads, a female lead and several supporting roles.

I can not wait to see what the final product is! I have already marked it down in my calendar. You may remember another recent movie that was filmed in Minnesota, granted it was filmed a few hours away. It ultimately made a Lifetime debut and was popular among locals. Even though it is a Christmas film, you can definitely watch it year round!

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