We all know that being a teenager is hard enough with all the changes your body is going through,school work and trying to just fit in. Well, now a school district in North Dakota has laid down a strict dress code policy that has many students and parents upset.

According to a story from Valleynewslive.com the Devils Lake North Dakota School District has put a dress code into place for all High School girls in the district that prohibits them from wearing leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or even tight jeans to school. The reason? It is to distracting for the boys and some of the young male teachers.

As a parent of 2 girls one who is twenty and a 13 year old I find this absolutely ludicrous. How about daisy duke shorts or super short skirts? This debate has gone on for decades, but the fact that they base this on the boys and men in the school being distracted is beyond belief.

For many young girls this is a staple of what they wear, and of course some discretion on their part needs to be in place since yes, some of those types of pants are rather sheer, but how about the male students and staff taking some responsibility for their actions? It makes these schools seem like a total meat market. This debate will continue to go on through the ages as some new trend will be on the horizon, bottom line no matter what your gender, kids need to be taught to be respectful of each other in any situation.

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