The Duluth Public Schools posted this on their Facebook page:

After working with the Duluth Police Department and investigating the situation further this morning, we have identified the student who made the threat to the school. At this time, the DPD and Duluth School District feel confident that there was no intent to carry out this threat, and that the school is safe and secure.
***Please know that making threats against a school, even if no real harm was intended, is not a joke – it’s a serious violation of the law and school policy.***
Given the disruptive nature of the statement and the concern it caused our school and community, the student will face disciplinary consequences and potential criminal charges.
Many thanks to Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken, Superintendent Bill Gronseth, Denfeld families, students and school staff for working together and pulling in resources to help increase safety and security as we investigated this situation. Thank you for everything you do to keep students safe.


This past Friday students overheard a school shooting threat, and on Sunday the threat was posted to Snapcaht. Duluth Police will have increased presence on Monday.

A student and parents worst nightmare is a school shooting. These terrible incidents happen and it is so scary to even think something like this happens. I hope these rumors aren't true, but they are even scary just as threats.

According to Duluth Police Chief Tusken's Facebook post:

Police interviewed students. One student reported overhearing the threat said by another student Friday at school. On Sunday, another student posted the threat to Snapchat and it was then police learned about the threat.

School administration reviewed videotape from Friday to help identify students who may have further information.

According to WDIO, The DPD will have an increased presence at Denfeld on Monday. Hopefully this threat doesn't happen. We will update when more information comes through.

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