Summer may be winding down, but road construction and road closures continue across the Northland.

One such project will force the City of Duluth to temporarily close a section of East Superior Street, providing what they hope will be a minor inconvenience to to both motorists and residents in the area.

According to the City, a section of E Superior Street between 10th Avenue E and 12th Avenue E will be temporarily closed beginning Monday, August 29, 2022 in order to allow a Duluth Steam contractor to make repairs to the Duluth Steam system.

During the closure, all traffic will be detoured down to London Road, but local traffic will be allowed to access the businesses and parking lots along the section of affected road during the closure. It's important to note that the south side of East Superior Street will remain open to pedestrian traffic.

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Crews will attempt to minimize disruption to impacted residents during this temporary closure, which is currently scheduled to last through Friday, September 2, 2022.

The City thanks the public for their patience and cooperation as this necessary work gets completed. As as always the case around any road projects in the Northland, please drive with an abundance of caution and patience when approaching work zones.

City crews are out there exposed to traffic on projects such as this and they count on motorists to take that into consideration. Please be sure to watch closely for workers on the road and any detour or other signage that may be present.

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