The 2012 election is fast approaching, with many big decisions to be made by the voting public. Get a look at what you'll see on the ballot before Tuesday November 6, so you can make informed decisions on who and what you vote for.

Beside voting for President of the United States, Minnesota will vote for a U.S. Senator, decide on congressional representatives, vote on two Minnesota Constitutional amendments, and elect officials for several other state and local offices. Below is a list of the candidates and questions voters around the Duluth area will face, as they will appear on the ballot.

President of the United States


United States Senate - Minnesota


United States Representative - Minnesota District 8


Minnesota Constitutional Amendments


Many other offices, including State Senate, State Representative, county and municipality offices, school referendums and other questions will appear on ballots as well. To see all of the local candidates based on your voting precinct, hit the button below.

You can also see where to vote here, or learn what you need to register to vote at your polling place here.