A video was shared showing two people playing basketball in a community gym when one attacks the other all of a sudden.

The video was shared by Shawn Niehaus, the parent of the boy that was thrown to the ground, in the video, you can see the victim and the other boy playing some one-on-one basketball, the victim gets the best of the attacker with a few buckets when all of a sudden the ball gets thrown at the victims head and he gets violently thrown to the ground.

The attack happened at the Alborn Heritage Gym and Niehaus admits that the boys were doing plenty of trash talking during the game, and no audio was shared with the video, so it's impossible to determine what was said between the two. Niehaus said his son was knocked unconscious, meanwhile, the attacker stood over him and appears to taunt him while he was on the ground.

Niehaus says that his son had a lump on his head and was taken to the doctor and given a CT scan, and he is fine.

Shawn Niehaus via Facebook
Shawn Niehaus via Facebook
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Niehaus says in his social media post about the incident, "Please teach your children character or all that we have will be meaningless. I have decided to press charges I just hope St. Louis county does the right thing!"

This is all the public information that was shared about the incident and this is all we know at this point. Any addional information learned about the altercation will be updated here.

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