Single? Bald or Balding? No need for a toupee, just move to Minneapolis. In a recent survey The Huffington Post listed the Top 10 cities for men who are lacking some hair on top of the dome.

I guess being a woman I will never understand why a guy would want to wear a blob of fake hair on their head when everyone knows it is not real. But, for many guys this is a devastating blow to the old ego, and self esteem. Good news though, many women think this is a sexy look.

Minneapolis ranked 4th out of ten cities in the U.S. that are good places to date if you are bald. And, If you are sick of the long cold winters Ft. Lauderdale Florida came in at #1. So let those shiny heads glow, be proud of your thinning hair and know that plenty of ladies will think you still look good!


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