An accident in Superior on Saturday left one plane in pieces and in flames on the ground, one damaged and barely able to land and 9 skydivers happy to be alive today, but did the stunt put the public in danger?

I live just a couple of miles from the Richard I. Bong Airport and wasn't home at the time of the crash involving the two planes full of skydivers on Saturday, but there is no doubt I would have heard the crash, that is how close I am to the airport, and I am not the only one, there are literally hundreds of houses within a couple of miles of that airport.

In the footage secured by NBC News you can clearly see houses, businesses and the Calumet Oil Refinery on the ground below the two planes that were doing a maneuver called a tracking dive, which is designed to place multiple skydivers in a position to move horizontally while freefalling.

I'm curious if this was a smart stunt to try over a populated area? What if the wreckage would have fallen on the nearby hospital or on the oil refinery?

I'm sure we will learn more when the FAA releases a final report on this accident, but as a community we should ask if we are o.k. with these dangerous maneuvers being performed over our families?

I'm happy that this story had a happy ending, but it could have been much worse for the pilots, the skydivers and innocent bystanders on the ground.

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