My fiance's cousin Amy Olson, along with her fiance, and many close friends are part of Skydive Superior, they made national headlines last fall when two of their planes collided mid-air. Here is her amazing story, in her own words,  about that fateful day and how with a little determination and a lot of guts they are all back up in the sky, where they belong. 

Amy's Story - In Her Words

Basically, me and a few of my friends were involved in the Skydive Superior mid-air plane collision on November 2, 2013 during one of our jumps. It blew up one plane and severely damaged the other to the point of it being incapable of flying. No one was injured, save the one pilot who had cuts on his hands from glass and debris and needed stitches - and the miracle of all miracles, the plane that broke into pieces landed in an empty parking lot on the fairgrounds in Superior and NO ONE was hurt on the ground either!

It blew up one plane and severely damaged the other to the point of it being incapable of flying

It's taken just over 5 months to find and purchase a new plane, a Cessna 206 and weather broke for us on Saturday to be able to make a few jumps (after going through some brief safety training to make sure we were all current and comfortable to skydive again). You can imagine our excitement as most of us have never gone more than 2 or 3 weeks without skydiving, and because of the collision and the damage, we had to go over 5 months with only making a few jumps here and there (the closest dropzone in the winter months is Chippewa Falls, WI...skydives are very weather-dependent, in the winter especially, and this winter wasn't conducive to our hobby AT ALL)

A couple of jumpers made the drive to chip, some took trips to break up the winter and made skydives elsewhere such as Florida... 5 of us recently took a trip to Utah for my 30th birthday and we were able to jump out there as well! But ultimately we were all really excited to have our dropzone back, even if it was just for one day!

So this is video from a few of our skydives on Saturday! We had two pilots, Dan Chandler - who is also a skydiver - and Bill Amorde (who flew 2 loads to give Dan an opportunity to get out of the plane a couple of times) and the skydivers in the videos are Trish Roy, Sarah Perrine, Dan Chandler, Johnny Rodorigo, Chad Ebling (my lovah), Barry Sinnex, Mike Robinson (our Safety and Training Advisor), me of course, Justin "hoops" forschen, and Zach Polich. The videos are from me, Johnny and Chad. And Trish provides her lovely saxophone solo at the end ;) which she is going to SOOOOO appreciate me for that one!

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