Wyoming has a lot of history and some of that history refuses to be forgotten.

Even long before officially becoming a state in 1890, Wyoming has seen a lot of growth and change. Unfortunately, Wyoming has also seen its fair share of tragedy. Murder, sickness, despair, misfortune, and disaster are weaved into the fabric of the Cowboy State's history.

In this tale, we learn about a spirit who still roams the area of Slaughterhouse Gulch, an area said to have been home to the worst serial killer in the history of the region. Buckrail.com reports

The Murderess of Slaughterhouse Gulch would be the first and worst serial killer in the history of Wyoming. Some 22 killings are attributed to the “Hotel California” innkeeper where weary travelers checked in but would never leave....

Polly Bartlett was alleged to be the black widow of innkeepers. Seizing on single men for prey, she reportedly poisoned her victims with arsenic-laced steaks.

The gulch is in the far southern part of the state near Encampment and southwest of town from Highway 70.

The Ghost of Slaughterhouse Gulch

Do you know the story of the ghost of Slaughterhouse Gulch?

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