The Wyoming, Minnesota Police Department cracked a joke at the expense of Packers fans.

Shortly after the start of Sunday's NFL Divisional Round game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, the Wyoming, MN Police Department took to social media to address the "cruel and unusual punishment" of certain "defenseless" victims.

"There are laws against this 'cruel and unusual punishment', packer fans forcing the defenseless to wear green and gold," the post's caption read, accompanying a photo of two crying infants dressed in yellow and green Packer's gear.

The post and photo -- which included tags #NoPackNo, #Twins and the names #Bennett and #Brooklyn -- were, of course, a joke and humored poke at Packers fans.

"That's going to be a priceless conversation picture when they grow up. Precious," commented Jenny.

"Our tiny Beast threw up on 3 different Vikings shirts yesterday," joked Tracy.

"My son goes through this punishment also," admitted Sara.

Even the Milltown Police Department WI joined in on the conversation, joking "Upon further investigation there is no cruel and unusual punishment occurring. It was determined that the Packers fans pictured above are laughing because the Packers beat the Vikings twice this year. #GoPackGo."

"Milltown, if those faces look to be laughing, go see your optometrist," jibed Larry. "Or get a job as an NFL official. Lol."

A second photo of the "victims" was posted later with a correction to their attire.

"Viking fans from birth," the caption read. "Now that’s more like it."

The Packers went on to beat the Seahawks 28-23, advancing to the NFL Conference Championships against the San Francisco 49ers.

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