I like to think of this story as a tale of two acts. One dropped a surprise, critically-acclaimed album that surpassed 1.3 million in album sales in 24 hours. The other hasn't been relevant on a national scale in nearly 20 years (aside from a recent insurance commercial, if you want to count that).

Following the surprise release of Taylor's latest album 'Folklore' at the end of last week, the vast majority of the music-loving world acknowledged the piece as a strong offering from Swift. One of the handful of vocal dissenters was the aforementioned irrelevant band.

From their official Twitter account, Smash Mouth simply tweeted "borelore", seemingly mocking the title of Swift's album 'Folklore'.

The one-word tweet created a heated conversation, with a lot of Swift fans taking shots at the act, which largely included references to their cover of the song "I'm a Believer, originally performed by The Monkees in 1966. Smash Mouth's cover of this song appeared on the Shrek soundtrack in 2001, largely branding the group as the "Shrek" band, even though the group did have higher-charting songs in "Then The Morning Comes" and "All Star", and their recognizable first single "Walkin' On The Sun". While they did have more than one hit, the band's relevancy essentially ended with the appearance on the Shrek soundtrack, which is where many placed their responses to the shot at Swift's album.

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Here are some of the responses from fans:

There were a few fans in the thread that either directly defended Smash Mouth as fans of their music, and others that generally just didn't seem to be fans of either act chiming in, but the vast majority of the response was from Swift fans responding to Smash Mouth's smack talk.

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