Smash Mouth will be performing tonight at Rock The Big Top in Canal Park to help celebrate Grandma's weekend. Here's some songs to amp you up.

The show is tonight and will be the band's first time performing in Duluth. Tickets are still available here if you'd like to go.

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    Then The Morning Comes

    The third single off their second album and follow up to 'All Star' was this gem. With a 1960's feel to it, the song did well enough to peak at number 11 on the charts. It's one of those songs when you hear it, you go "oh yeah, I remember this song".

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    Walking On The Sun

    The debut single for the band and helped put them on the map. As soon as I hear this feel good song, my foot immediately starts tapping along to the beat.

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    Can't Get Enough Of You Baby

    This song is actually a cover of ? and The Mysterians's 1967 hit of the same name. Smash Mouth's version appeared in the film 'Can't Hardly Wait' and made the track listing on their best selling album Astro Lounge.

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    I'm A Believer

    Another 1960's cover, this time from the TV band The Monkees.  This song was a huge hit for them and was featured in the first 'Shrek' movie having kids singing and dancing to this feel good tune.

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    All Star

    How I could not put 'All Star' on top of the list. It's one of the group's biggest hits and was featured several movies like 'Rat Race', 'Mystery Men', and was even used to help promote the 'Shrek' franchise. I still sing this song word for word every time it comes on.

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