A few days ago Snapchat released an update introducing the all new Snap Map that now lets friends and strangers see where you are. 

I'm all for the next big thing with social media and I loved the idea of sharing 10 seconds or less snippets of your life with friends. However, I find this new Snap Map a little creepy. The new function let's you share your location on a map and if you click on a person's Bitmoji you can see their story.

While this sounds like a great idea to see where people are for surprise concerts or block parties, I also feel some concern about showing strangers my exact location. You can get the map if you update to the latest version of Snapchat and the map updates every time you open the app.

This may be the horror movie fan in me talking, but say you're home alone and your cat does something funny, so you take a snap video and post it to your story. Now people that have the map can see where you are. Great, you'll probably start getting snaps sent to you asking what your favorite scary movie is.

Of course you can always use ghost mode which hides your location, but you'll still be able to stalk from a distance and see other people's location. You can zoom in and literally see exactly where they are, and that is very concerning to me. I'm interested to see if Snapchat will be adding extra privacy to the map and how they will move forward. You can check out the Snap Map and let me know what you think about the creepy map in the comments below.

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