Kala Cook of St. Paul was on Snapchat  on Sunday when she started heading down her snow and ice covered steps, and boom there she went. It is absolutely amazing that she was able to hold on to her phone and that she did not fall. As you can see in the video below it all happened so fast and the look on her face is priceless!

We have all been in that position before, where we lose our footing and try the best we can to not fall down. Last winter I fell three different times just brushing off my car. In my case I finally realized my worn out tennis shoes were the culprit..

As I have gotten older falling down is not as funny as it used to be like when I was in College. One of the main buildings had a rather steep incline in the sidewalk leading up to the door, and someone would wipe out every couple of minutes with books and back packs flying. It was hilarious, and thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. Glad that you are ok Kala, and again way to stay upright!

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