True to form, Saturday Night Live had to satirize Pepsi and their cringeworthy Kendall Jenner ad that was removed off the internet after Black Twitter ethered it to an oblivion on social media.

In the brilliant send up, SNL created an imaginary scenario of the director, played by Beck Bennett, being happy to film a huge commercial for the soda giant that he feels will garner him critical praise -- or so he thinks. The director gets a call from his sister and he tells her the premise of the ad, which he says is a “homage to Black Lives Matter and the resistance.”

That’s when he gets a tongue-lashing from his sister who tells him that his ad is actually “tone-deaf” and insulting. The look on his face is priceless as his sister crushes his dream. “Sort of tone deaf?” he murmurs.

When the director relays the same premise to his brother, he gets another scolding and is told that he’s appropriating social activism for money. “Oh, we are kind of using them to sell a soda,” he says as he realizes that his ad is really a bad idea.

The funny moment comes at the end when Kendall Jenner, played by Cecily Strong, steps out of her trailer talking to someone on her smartphone about the ad. “Um, I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi,” she tells the person. “I know. It’s cute, right?”

Nope. Nada. No bueno. And the rest they say, is social media history, or rather nightmare.

The skit ends with “live and learn” placed under the Pepsi logo.

Props to SNL for slamming the Pepsi ad. Watch it above.

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