Snoop Dogg has a new gig— this time with the NHL.

The league has tapped Uncle Snoop to explain the league's rules and culture in a series of videos called Snoop 101. The videos were created in effort to engage casual fans and get them to watch the playoffs, according to Deadline.

"One of the things we noticed when Snoop came to our All-Star game a couple years ago in Los Angeles was not only is he Snoop and everybody loves him, but he really loves hockey," said the league's executive vice president Steve Mayer. “He knows the players, he knows the game, and we started talking back then about how he feels like he can help promote the game."

The thought is, that basically, if Snoop's says it's cool to be into hockey, other people will think it's cool too.

“We’re just trying to get him out there to the masses,” Mayer said, “who then will tune in to watch some hockey, we hope — and get sucked in for the entire playoffs.”

NBC’s networks are airing the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which begin with three games tonight.  You can check out the video below.


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