For ice fisherman they have gotten a jump start getting out on frozen lakes and ponds,  but many locals are warning people to not use vehicles including snowmobiles or ATV's out on the ice.

WDIO checked in with one local business owner who owns a bait shop in Fredenburg and he said that business is picking up, but even for people fishing and walking out on the lakes you need to be careful about where you go.

Tim Wagner, is the owner of Hi-Banks Resort on Fish Lake and he has reported that the warmer temperatures have not effected the thickness of the ice to a huge extent. The ice has been melting a little during the day, but if it gets below freezing at night to freezes right back up.

Area fisherman warn of pressure ridges  near the shorelines that can cause people to fall through. The best advice before heading out at all is to talk to local bait shops or resort personnel since they know the conditions and will let you know if it is safe or not.

According to the DNR the ice should be at least 5 inches thick of solid clear ice for a snowmobile or ATV to ride on safely. For more Ice Safety Tips Click Here

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