I went to the doctor's office the other day and learned something quite odd. 

First upon showing up to the doctor, I had to go through a whole list of things.  Fact is, I hate going to the doctor and only go when I'm super sick.  Therefore, I usually end up having to go through a whole list of things, (usually stupid), that I did since my last visit.  This time the doctor decided it was time for a physical as well.

I was put into another room and told to change into a gown.  So I get changed and sit there on the table waiting patiently, and my eye lights upon the prep table.  Rubber gloves and a HUGE dollop of a clear gel.  Nu-Uh

Long story short, that prep table actually wasn't for me. *PHEW*

However, I did end up having to get my booster shots.  The nurse came back saying I get a very special Band-Aid.  Bugs Bunny!   She then explained that they have a ton of them because kids have no idea who Bugs Bunny is.


Seriously?  I feel like we have failed our children if they don't know who Bugs Bunny is.
I feel sad that they will not grow up with the great shows like Tailspin, and Ducktales.


So please!  Teach your kids what good cartoons are.