There's an Elk River man who has confessed to placing cameras in women's dressing rooms in the Mall of America "for the thrill of it." Beyond that, he has also confessed to secretly video taping his live-in girlfriend and her daughter in their shower at home.

According to Kare11, employees at Hollister and Forever 21 found 2 hidden cameras in each of the stores dressing rooms. The cameras weren't in plain sight. They were placed inside elaborately designed fake electrical boxes placed on the walls.  They were placed at waist level under shelves. Investigators found that the cameras were controlled by bluetooth or WiFi on a smartphone.

The suspect is in custody and is described as a 41 year old man from Elk River. He was caught after store managers saw the man enter a dressing room and exit 40 minutes later. They then called the police who apprehended the man. He would sit in one dressing room and record the activity taking place in an adjacent dressing room.  Most of the victims were young women and children recorded. The man also confessed to having child pornography on his laptop.

The hidden cameras were placed in the department stores between March and July, 2019. There also has been a hidden camera found in a Hollister store in the Maplewood Mall. Police are investigating if it is related.


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