According to WCCO TV Channel 4 as parents across the country prepare to send their children back to school, some schools have banned back packs from being allowed on campus. .

This rule has already been put in place in some High Schools in Texas, Illinois, and Ohio. A Principal at an intermediate school in Texas said that they had a committee discussing this new policy back in January and that they were sure to let parents know ahead of time not to buy back packs with the school supply list.

He went on to say that last year a student brought an eight inch knife to school, and that safety is their number one priority for his students and the entire district.

A High School in Illinois will not allow students to carry purses or back packs to and from class, saying that these items take up to much room in the classroom. Some schools that do allow back packs only allow clear ones so that items inside can be easily identified.

The number one priority always is to keep our children safe in school, and this is a sign of the times, just a very sad notion to me. When I was in school I would have never thought something like this would ever happen, and it is devastating to me to think that students now have this burden to carry and to worry that their school could be next.

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