A sportscaster from Waterloo Iowa TV station KWWL quickly learned what it is like to be a team player as he was literally out of his element in more ways than one and his video report has gone viral with more than 6 million views so far.

This latest winter storm has caused havoc literally across the entire United States with frigid temperatures dipping as far south as Texas. Here in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin those 20 and 30-degree temperatures we are hoping to see next week will seem balmy compared to the below-zero highs we have had for the last few days.

Parts of the country including southern Minnesota and Iowa have seen whiteout conditions with gusty winds causing total chaos out on the freeways and on city streets as well. So out go the TV reporters to let their viewers know what to expect and warn about what areas to avoid.

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Like many jobs sometimes you have to wear a few hats or at least fill in a position that may not necessarily be your specialty. We do this at the radio station all the time and I know for a fact friends of mine on TV do the same. Mark Woodley is one of the sports guys at the station and made it very clear through these clips how he is not used to being on the air so early and also to be reporting from outside in a blizzard no less.

I love the fact that he really does not hold back at all and has some pretty funny comments about the actual weather conditions and how he is pretty convinced they have purposely stretched out the show to make him stay outside even longer. Being someone who has done a live morning show for most of my long radio career I can empathize on so many levels. Some days it seems like such a daunting task to get up and go to work in the cold when it is still dark, but at least I get to stay inside.

Well Mark it will be interesting to see if they have you do any more weather reports since your last one became so popular. Maybe the weather channel will ask you to fill in with a special report?

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