Star Trek: Discovery just aired its premiere, and already we’re impatient for Season 2. The same lengthy production that delayed Sunday’s arrival repeatedly might keep us waiting until 2019 for a second round, according to producers.

Keep in mind that CBS’ new All-Access Star Trek doesn’t yet have an official Season 2 order (with 10 million viewers for the premiere, count on it), but fans might nonetheless find themselves in a similar situation as Westworld and Game of Thrones viewers. As executive producer Alex Kurtzman tells The Hollywood Reporter, early 2019 is seen as a likely target for Season 2, so as not to over-extend production:

There have been preliminary conversations about when and how [a second season could air] and we’ve been very consistent in our message, which is that rather than announce a date and have to push again, let’s take into consideration everything we’ve learned from this season. Now we know what we can do and where the sand traps are, so let’s give ourselves ample time to announce a date that makes sense to everybody — both the needs of production and CBS. Breaking story is, in some ways, the easier and faster thing; it’s the ability to execute on it that’s much harder. We want to take the right amount of time and don’t want to rush.

So ideally, season two could bow in 2019?

Ideally, on the early side of 2019.

At the very least, 2018 will not be bereft of Discovery altogether, as the first season will air in two portions; eight episodes this year, and the final seven beginning January 2018. It’s also plausible Season 2 might comprise less episodes, as Kurtzman said “I always like less … If we get a second season, I’d like us to agree on a number in advance so we can make sure we are planning accordingly.”

In the meantime, new Star Trek: Discovery episodes will stream Sundays at 8:30 P.M. on CBS All-Access. Was Season 1 worth the wait, let alone Season 2?

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