Another new restaurant has opened up in the Miller Hill Food Court. Stir Fry Express is now open.

The Miller Hill Mall has seen a lot of places come and go, well it's time to say hello to the food court's newest family member: Stir Fry Express. The new place has taken over the spot formerly know as Mandarin Express and before that, LeAnn Chin's. Stir Fry Express is independently owned and ready for business.

Unlike the former tenants, Stir Fry Express is buffet style. You grab a box, fill it up on what you want, and pay per pound. It's a fantastic idea and the food is great! Here's what my boxes looked like:

Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth
Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth

Owner Semir recommended me to try the sweet & sour chicken, and he wasn't kidding. Both the sweet & sour chicken and cream cheese wontons are probably the best I've had to date. I would definitely recommend Stir Fry Express to anyone who is shopping at the mall and in the mood for Asian cuisine. 10/10 I would eat there again. The staff helped tell me what was what and it made for a great experience.

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