For whatever reason, it's just not cool to take a picture standing up.  We here at Mix 108 feel the need to sniff out the current internet craze that relates to planking.  First it was owling and batting.  Now, it's "stocking."

We finally get a chance to see some of our favorite stock photos reenacted!

Bet you didn't even know you had a favorite stock photo, did you?

Stocking may not be for those with little patience.  These may take a few extra steps when it comes to finding the right background, getting the right props, and possibly even a few friends to help you out.  But I think these are even better than the planking, owling, and batting pictures!

Think you have what it takes to transform an unsuspecting stock photo and making it your own?  Well, it may even be worth the trouble with a contest running now at




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