The new "let's take a picture doing something ridiculous to be viewed by thousands online" craze has taken over planking and owling.  Now, we're supposed to be "batting."

I never even got a chance to plank before it wasn't cool to plank anymore.  I didn't get a chance to owl either before owling was considered obsolete.

I guess I'll find a good spot to hang upside down this weekend...

Want to try batting yourself?  Here's a little history on batting, and proper technique.

History of batting . . . . . .

See what had happened was . . . . .  We went planking. Check. We went owling. Check. But we felt there was something else out there for us. A little more daring and challenging perhaps. No disrespect to the pioneers of the sport, hats off to you men amongst men. But all good things must fade to black. And out come the bats!

The proper technique . . . . . .

It's simple. First, suspend yourself from an overhead object (i.e. rails, branches, etc.) while using your legs to hold in place while you dangle upside down. Next, bend both arms outward and grab your waist creating the illusion of two bat-like wings. Last, throw your head to the side to make a profile shot and snap that photo. Congrats! You now know how to dothebat! And that's half the battle.

Can you be a world famous batter too . . . . . ?

Sure can chip! We love the way you're talking right now. Send us your very best batting photos to We will review all submissions a few times a week and post the greatest for all to see. We will do our best to share as many photos as possible.. So have fun, get creative, but please be safe. Cuz batting should be fun . . . . . . but falling normally isn't.

- Your friends at

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