Lake Superior showed off her might yesterday with high winds and waves crashing on shore and for some local residents who had their boats tied down in the Lakehead Boat Basin a few were damaged and one even got tossed into the harbor.

According to FOX 21 Joel Johnson the owner of Lakehead Boat Basin said he had never seen anything like it and he has been there since 1959. In all around 10 boats were damaged and Alvin Berg the owner of The Duluth Flame had to get his boat towed in from the harbor as it snapped loose.

The coast guard had searched for over 2 hours to try and find his boat which thankfully was located and still intact. Berg said he was relieved that they found it and it did not sink. He was not able to asses the damage yesterday due to poor weather conditions and the fact he just had surgery on his foot. Berg said “I so much appreciate all the folks from this terminal here, and Harbor Coal that helped out.”

For some of these boat owners and many residents on land the clean up and survey of the damage the storm left behind will continue for many days to come.



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