Calling all men in Wisconsin: is it hard to find a date? According to a new study, apparently it is! released a study just in time for Valentine's Day, ranking each state by how hard it is for single men there to find a date. Wisconsin didn't do too well!

The study ranked Wisconsin at number eight, making it the eighth worst state for single men to find a date. So what gives? The study looked at a few different factors to come to this conclusion and it is pretty helpful in figuring out how they came to this!

The study looked at the ratio of men to women, percentage of residents that are married, percentage of people living with their parents and affordability. While I understand the ratio of men to women coming into play here, along with looking at how many residents are married, I am not sure I understand the other two. What does affordability and someone living with their parents have to do with whether or not it is easy to find a date?

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Zippia says that having money to afford a first date means you may have to rack up money for a second. They also cited having to spend money on grooming as another factor here. These things seem like a stretch but either way, it doesn't change the fact that Wisconsin still cracked the top ten here.

If you are looking for love this Valentine's Day, head somewhere like Ohio or Michigan. Both states made the top ten list of best states for a single guy to snag a date!

As for Minnesota, they came in at number 19. I guess Wisconsinites can just head here instead. Ha!

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